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Prof. D. (Denise) Eygendaal MD PhD

Prof. Dr. Denise Eygendaal was trained at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, Harvard Medical School, Melbourne University and Arhus University.
She received her PhD on 'medial instability of the elbow' from the University of Leiden (2000). She has been an orthopaedic surgeon for more than 20 years and professor in 'elbow-related disorders' at the University of Amsterdam since 2016. 

She currently works at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam as professor of orthopedic surgery and head of the department of orthopaedics, sports medicine and physiotherapy. She is also a consultant for a number of sports associations.
Professor Eygendaal is an orthopedic surgeon specialized in disorders of the arm, and in particular the elbow and serves as an (inter) national expert in this area. Her clinical work and research projects span both the prevention and treatment of trauma, degeneration and sports related injuries, which she carries out in close collaboration with physical therapists, sports doctors, rehabilitation doctors, movement scientists, biomechanical engineers from Delft University and radiologists around the world. Her adage; elbow work is team work!
Her research lines focus moreover on biomechanics of the upper limb in athletes, prevention of upper limb injuries in athletes, prevention and assessment of elbow trauma in children, prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis of the elbow under 60, biomechanical and clinical analysis of total elbow arthroplasty and analysis of national implant registries.
She has more than 275 scientific, peer-reviewed publications and has contributed to more than 15 books on elbow surgery and wrote four books about elbow disorders herself.

She is often asked as a guest speaker worldwide and has been involved in or organizer of more than 200 courses on the elbow worldwide.

From 2011 to 2021 she was responsible for the residency training program in orthopedic surgery and has really enjoyed training dozens of residents.
She loves to empower talented colleagues, whilst striving for the best team.  
She received a number of national and international awards for her efforts in orthopedic surgery including the Murk Jansen award (2023), Guildal Award ( 2017, Copenhagen) and  Anna award (2013).
She lives with her family in the Netherlands, and loves to play tennis.