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Scoliose congres: Scoliose verdraaid lastig 

May 24, 2024;  Spartastadion Het Kasteel, Rotterdam

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Infant Hip Ultrasound Course (Graf course)

3rd International Infant Hip Ultrasound Course Rotterdam (Graf course)
Dates: June 16 - 8, 2024
Location: Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, NL
Language: English

For the third time in The Netherlands, Erasmus MC – Sophia presents in collaboration with the Dutch pediatric orthopedic association (WKO) the infant hip ultrasound course. This course covers not only Graf’s method for diagnosing developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), but also transinguinal ultrasound for monitoring of the hip after reduction. The course is suitable for medical professionals in all levels of training, including (pediatric) orthopedic surgeons, (pediatric) radiologists, pediatricians, sonographers, specialized nurses and junior doctors. It will provide you with the knowledge needed to perform and interpret ultrasound scans of infant hips.

Topics covered in the course are pathology, anatomy, image analysis and interpretation, image acquisition, patient handling and management of DDH. All with an emphasis on the Graf method and classification. The complete faculty has been trained by Prof. Graf himself in teaching his method. The course will start mid-Monday and wil take until Tuesday evening.

An additional pre-course is added on Monday morning in which transinguinal ultrasound for evaluation of hip position during and after reduction will be covered.

Accreditation will been requested at NOV and NVvR. For other scientific societies, please contact the congress organisation.

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Esser ortho course: Elbow&Forearm: The big 10! 

March 20 & 21 2025, Skill lab Erasmus MC

















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2025 Cartilage Biology and Pathology Conference GRC

Genes, Molecules and Mechanics in Musculoskeletal Tissue Development and Disease

Chairs Rosa Serra and Gerjo J. Van Osch
Vice Chairs Qing-Jun Meng and Audrey McAlinden

March 23-28, 2025, Californië, USA