Student projects
Student projects

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Biennial Scientific Report

Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Our goal is to keep people mobile as long as possible by improving therapeutic interventions. We study risk factors and (molecular) processes of skeletal growth and development disorders, sport and traumatic injuries and osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis is a progressive and degenerative disease of the joints that causes impaired mobility and pain. It affects all joint tissues: cartilage, bone, synovium, tendons and ligaments. How these changes are orchestrated is not fully understood. We currently have no cure for osteoarthritis. At the end stage, joint replacement surgery is the main treatment option. By gaining more insight in osteoarthritis etiology, we aim to develop new treatments that can prevent the development of OA or delay the need for joint replacement surgery.

Sports & traumatic injuries

More and more patients are consulting sports physicians and orthopedic surgeons for injuries of cartilage, bone, tendon or ligaments due to trauma or sports. When these injuries are left untreated, there is a significant risk for the development of degenerative joint diseases. Our research focusses on the effectiveness of different treatment options and the development of new treatments to regenerate the damaged structures.

Skeletal growth and development

Changes in the joint shape and bone density in the developing joint are studied to relate observed joint changes to clinical symptoms, progression of the disease, environmental factors and genetic factors. To improve treatment, it is of importance to understand the processes that take place when the joint develops. Pathologies of the hip that occur in childhood and adolescence, such as dysplasia, CAM impingement, Perthes disease and slipped capital femoral epiphysis, have our special attention.

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Projects, PhD Theses & Profiles

Here you can find our projects, PhD theses and profiles of researchers and collaborators for 2022-2023.

PhD Theses

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Malunited Forearm Fractures in Children

K.C.(Kasper) Roth, PhD

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C. (Chantal) Voskamp-Visser, PhD

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