We are Erasmus MC. Every day our staff, volunteers, and students work with dedication and commitment and are passionate about everything that we stand for.


Patient care

At Erasmus MC we work on top-clinical care for patients with complex care needs, rare diseases, or acute needs for care and treatment.


We work on distinctive, high-quality education that appeals to ambitious, inquisitive, and talented students and addresses the healthcare issues of tomorrow.



We also work on cutting-edge, world class international medical research that helps to understand, predict, treat, and prevent diseases and health conditions.


Like every university medical center, our three core tasks at Erasmus MC are: patient care, education, and research. Valorization, which is the social or economic use of knowledge gained through research, is generally regarded as a fourth core task. 


We currently have fellowship programs for young orthopaedic surgeons in spine surgery, revision arthroplasty, paediatric orthopedics and upper limb surgery. Our department hosts IBRA supported fellowships

Erasmus University Rotterdam, Faculty of Medicine, Bachelor and Master in Medicine

We participate as teachers, as course director and examiner in the Bachelor curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine. Currently we are developing a complete new Bachelor curriculum based on Case Based Learning which will start September 1st 2024. In the Master we participate in the internship of surgery.

Delft University of Technology, Bachelor Clinical Technology

We participate as teachers in the Bachelor curriculum of the Bachelor Clinical Technology.

Erasmus Academy

The Erasmus Academy is part of the Erasmus MC and organizes curricula for nurses, plaster technicians and OT-nurses. We participate in these curricula as teachers for musculoskeletal physiology, anatomy and pathology.

Postgraduate curricula General Practitionars and Paediatricians

We participate in these curricula as teachers for musculoskeletal physiology, anatomy and pathology.





Erasmus Medical Center
Orthopaedics & Sportsmedicine
Dr. Molewaterplein 40
3015 GD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Fellowship Director:
Prof. Dr. Denise Eygendaal
Head Department Orthopaedics & Sportsmedicine


Fellowship Coordinator:
Annet Slings