WalkWell Gait reTrainer

The project evaluates a wearable device, the WalkWell Gait reTrainer, for personalized gait retraining to improve daily life for knee osteoarthritis patients.

Knee OA is a highly prevalent and disabling condition that limits mobility and disrupts daily activities. Our project aims to change the disease trajectory of OA.

At the core of this project is the WalkWell Gait reTrainer, a sophisticated system that provides continuous real-time feedback to guide patients with knee OA towards an improved gait pattern, with remote patient monitoring capabilities. Our focus on the Foot Progression Angle, a key factor affecting knee load and risk factor in knee OA, empowers patients to make precise gait adjustments. This personalized gait retraining, tailored to each individual's needs, has the potential to substantially improve their quality of life.

We will evaluate end-user experience as an integral part of this project. By delving into how patients and physiotherapists interpret and utilize the feedback from the WalkWell Gait reTrainer, we will iteratively refine the device’s effectiveness and practicality. This dynamic loop of end-user input and device improvement ensures that the technology aligns with real-world needs and user preferences.

Our project is positioned to optimize individual health while concurrently yielding substantial economic benefits. Early and cost-effective interventions could lead to reduced and delayed invasive medical interventions, hospitalizations, and hence long-term treatment costs. The data obtained from this study will be instrumental in planning future large-scale randomized controlled trials to assess the WalkWell Gait reTrainer efficacy.