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L.C. (Lisette) Langenberg

Professional development
I completed my orthopedic surgery residencies in the Amsterdam region in august 2023. During residencies, I started my PhD traject in Erasmus MC, under the supervision of Denise Eygendaal and Joost Colaris. Besides my research on posttraumatic elbow deformities in children, I have several publications regarding orthopaedic injuries due to wave surfing. 

Current research interests and goals 
While currently focusing on increasing clinical skills as an orthopedic surgeon specialising in the upper extremity, I will complete my PhD thesis by the end of 2024. Thereby, I am expanding opportunities as a medical illustrator, my  work may be seen on 

Focus area & field of expertise
Posttraumatic elbow deformities in children; pediatric radial head/neck fractures, chronic radial head dislocations, missed Monteggia lesions