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J. (Joost) Rutges MD, PhD


I'm Joost Rutges, one of the orthopedic spine Surgeons of the Erasmus MC. I'm currently involved in research regarding scoliosis, spinal trauma and spinal oncology.

Fields of expertise 


Education and career

2005-2008 PhD intervertebral disc degeneration UMC Utrecht
2008-2014 Residency Orthopaedic surgery; UMC Utrecht and ST Antonius Nieuwegein
2015-2017 Fellowships in orthopaedic and neurosurgical spine surgery; OLVG Amsterdam, VGH Vancouver and UMC Utrecht
2018 - current Orthopaedic surgeon (Spine), Erasmus MC Rotterdam


Current research project:

Proximal fixation in scoliosis surgery. 

Scoliosis in Prader Willi Patients, Spinal Trauma in Elderly.

Prediction modelsfor treatement of spinal metastasis"