Microfet2 Stabilizer project

Development of a stabillizer for the Microfet2, a hand-held dynamometer to measure accurately and reliable the force of quadriceps muscle. This project is in collaboration with Create4Care and the department of Medical Technology of the Erasmus MC

Muscle force assessments are commonly performed in the clinical practice to evaluate treatments and for screening purposes. For this, Hand-Held Dynamometry (HHD) is used, which is an objective, portable and easy to use method to quantify muscle strength. However, the reliability of HHD can negatively be influenced by the strength of the tester and the subject, especially when measuring large muscle groups, e.g. the m. quadriceps. Therefore, our aim is to:

·         To develop and implement a stabilizing device for the Microfet2 hand-held dynamometer

·         To determine the reliability of hand-held dynamometry with the Microfet2-stabilizer

 After an iterative design process we’ve selected a prototype, which currently is in a clinical test phase.