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M.A. (Tim) Wesdorp, PhD

After finishing my study medicine in April 2018, I had the opportunity to start my PhD project at the department of Orthopaedic surgery. My project is about the role of inflammation in 3D printed osteochondral repair. In the future I hope to combine clinical activities with scientific research.

Osteochondral defects are still a major clinical challenge and lack an effective treatment. Our aim is to develop a patient specific 3D printed osteochondral implant. In particular I study the influence of macrophage phenotype on chondroprogenitor cell migration and tissue formation as well as the effect of hydrogels on the behavior of these two cell types. The main goal is to improve integration of the newly formed tissue in the existing cartilage and bone through modulation of macrophages by selecting anti-inflammatory compounds that can be incorporated in a hydrogel which can be used as an osteochondral implant.