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A. (Arthur) van Noort MD, PhD

I am an orthopedic surgeon at Erasmus MC – and Spaarne Gasthuis Hospital. My clinical work is focused on a-traumatic – and traumatic shoulder girdle pathology in adolescents and adults. I have a keen interest in clinical research and a permanent position as principal investigator. 
The shoulder research lines are connected with EURECA and in line with the research strategy of our department. The focus is on the prevention of glenohumeral osteoarthritis, long-term functional - and radiological outcomes of stemless anatomic and – reverse shoulder arthroplasty, AC osteoarthritis, and glenohumeral instability. 

Arthroscopic treatment of shoulder instability, rotator cuff ruptures, Ac and biceps pathology. Primary – and revision shoulder arthroplasty. Ac and sc reconstructions. Muscle transfer surgery, Complex shoulder girdle fractures and posttraumatic deformities of the shoulder girdle.

After two years of general surgery in St Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg, I have finished my orthopedic training in 2004 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. R.P.H. Veth at the University Medical Center Nijmegen (St Radboud). Before my training in Nijmegen, I have been “contaminated with the shoulder virus” by Dr. R. the Slaa in Delft. He stimulated me to start a scientific project on the treatment and outcome of patients with a floating shoulder. This was the start of my PhD project. In 2005 I successfully defended my thesis: The scapular neck fracture; Biomechanical, Clinical and Surgical Aspects under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Chr. van der Werken, in Utrecht. 
After my training as an orthopedic resident in Delft (1995-1997), I subsequently was in 1997 a visiting shoulder fellow of Dr Frederick A. Matsen III at the University of Washington Medical Center and trauma fellow in Harbourview Medical Center (under the supervision) of Prof. S.T. Hanssen, in Seattle (U.S.A.). Since 2005 I have started my practice as a staff member in Spaarne Hospital. Since 2013 I’m the director of the trainings program of the orthopedic residents and shoulder fellow in Spaarne Hospital.