BVO study


To postpone joint replacement surgery for patients with uni-compartiment osteoarthritis an osteotomy surgery or an unloader knee brace are effective treatment options. Till date the effect on symptoms and structural progression of this non-surgical knee brace with the surgical osteotomy has not been compared.



Primary Objective:

To assess the effects on knee pain of osteotomy surgery after one year of follow-up

compared to the effects of treatment with an orthopaedic un-loader knee brace.

Secondary Objectives:

To assess whether there is a significant difference between both groups during follow-up in:

1. Patient Reported Outcomes: pain severity, function, quality of life, physical activity

and patient satisfaction;

2. Change in structural features with respect to cartilage and subchondral bone;

3. Adverse events;

4. Pain medication use;

5. Direct and indirect costs.