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M. (Mathijs) Suijkerbuijk, MD PhD

I am currently in the fifth year of my training as an Orthopedic Surgeon. I enjoy combining patient care with conducting scientific research through my appointment as a postdoctoral researcher. In this way, I aim to contribute to optimizing the care of orthopedic patients.

Career and Education:
During my medical training, I became involved in the field of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine through scientific research. I gained experience in both fundamental and clinical research, at both Erasmus MC and the University of Cape Town. In 2020, this culminated in my dissertation titled "Hamstring tendon regeneration following harvest for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction." At that time, I had already commenced my orthopedic surgery training, which I pursued partly at Erasmus MC (Rotterdam) and Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital (Tilburg). I combine my specialist medical training with ongoing scientific research, with a particular interest in (sports-related) injuries of the knee joint.

Teaching Activities:
Supervising (medical) students with their master's theses.