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D. (Derek) van Loon

My name is Derek van Loon, graduated technical physician from the TU Delft. I am working on my PhD project about the automatic 3D and 4D analysis of anatomy and function of the elbow and forearm. Furthermore, we try to gain insight in the growth of the upper extremity and to develop a fase, low-dose protocol for obtaining 3D models of the forearm bones.

I studied Clinical Technology from 2014 to 2018 and continued with the master Technical Medicine, both at the universities of Delft, Leiden, and Rotterdam. I graduated in 2022 on the subject of automatic 3D and 4D analysis of the forearm. At the moment this is the subject of my PhD.

My field of extpertise are; 3D anatomical models, upper extremity, kinematic modelling, implementation of technology in medicine