Treatment of Achilles tendinopathy

Treatment of Achilles tendinopathy  [a living systematic review and network meta-analysis]


An international team of researchers, led by Dr R.J. de Vos, sports physician at Erasmus MC completed a large review of the scientific evidence on the best treatment for Achilles tendinopathy.
This large project took more than 2 years to complete, and was funded by the Dutch government as part of the process to create a clinical management guideline. The guideline is due to be published in Dutch later in 2020. Once this in completed you will be able to access the guideline here.

Our aim was to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of all available treatments for Achilles tendinopathy in a regularly updated (“living”) systematic review using a network meta-analysis. We plan to keep updating this review every 2 years. Future results will be posted here every 2 years. When there are clinically relevant changes that impact clinical decision-making, we will plan to publish a new update as scientific article.


Funds & Grants

This research received a grant from the Dutch Association of Medical Specialists to develop a clinical guideline for the treatment of patients with Achilles tendinopathy. The Dutch Patient Federation is involved in this guideline development and assisted in sending out patient surveys.


External collaborations

Patients who suffered self- reported Achilles tendinopathy
Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital
Aalborg University, Centre for General Practice, Aalborg, Denmark
Karolinska Institute, Division of Physiotherapy, Stockholm, Sweden
Bristol Medical School, Population Health Sciences, Bristol, United Kingdom