Research Lines

Research Line Osteoarthritis

  • Study early phases of osteoarthritis to stop progression to chronic end-stage osteoarthritis or reverse this process 
  • Improve the surgical and non-surgical treatment of OA 
  • Develop new biological treatment methods 
  • Develop methods for the early-stage recognition of OA 

Research Line Sport and Traumatic Injuries

  • Determine risk factors for – and the long-term consequences of – sports injuries and trauma-related injuries 
  • Improve surgical and non-surgical treatment options for sport and traumatic injuries 
  • Improve and develop regenerative treatments for cartilage, bone and tendon/ligament injuries 

Research Line Skeletal Growth and Development

  • Unravel the etiopathogenesis of joint development and the development of deformities during growth 
  • Improve treatment choices for children with growth and developmental disorders